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Surry County Animal Shelter
265 Old Burrough Rd,
VA, 23846

Phone: (757) 294-0158

Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 12 noon - 3:30pm (appointment required)
Closed Sunday, Monday and Holidays.
NOTE: You will need to call the shelter and speak to someone in order to make an appointment to meet a pet

The pet in the photo (top right) is looking for a home. Click on the picture for more information about it.

Lost and Found Pets are featured on our Facebook Page

Volunteers Wanted
We are trying to build our volunteer program. The shelter dogs can always use volunteers to bath, to walk and to communicate with them. Our minimum age for volunteers is 12 years old. All volunteers will need to apply, and a parent or guardian of minors must sign off as well. If you are interested in helping the dogs, please contact us.

Who we are
Surry County Animal Shelter is a small rural facility in the south east of Virginia. Although we have a limited budget, the staff love and care for all animal residents and are willing to do what it takes to save all of them. We have a small number of staff which is why we require you to phone us to arrange a time to visit the shelter. Foster homes and rescues are welcome. For more information see the Surry County Animal Control website.

Lost your dog?
Stray dogs without identication are kept for 5 days before being put up for adoption. Dogs with identication are kept for 10 days before being put up for adoption. Contact the shelter to check whether your pet is there. Some of the stray dogs are featured on the Surry County Animal Shelter Facebook Page but not all are put here so contact the shelter if you have lost your dog.

Feral Cats
We are no longer trapping or receiving into our facility, feral or stray felines. The Commonwealth of Virginia has deemed these animals as 'free range' meaning they are both capable and allowed to live and roam freely. We do not lend out traps for these animals due to this change in policy. We recommend that if you do not wish for these animals to be near your home, you encourage them to move along by not feeding or harboring them. Cats will 'adopt you' if you feed them, even though they have a home elsewhere!

Please Donate to Help the Pets
We need towels, blankets, hard and soft dog food, basic cleaning supplies and dog beds or you may mail a donation to Surry County Animal Shelter, 265 Old Burrough Rd, Elberon, VA 23846
Clicking here to see our donation page.
On behalf of the dogs thank you.

No Squeeky Toys Please
Toys that make a noise when you squeeze them can encourage some dogs to be aggressive towards young children because they squeek too. The device that makes the noise is usually small and can be harmful if swallowed. Some toys of this type contain a small battery which is poisonous if the dog eats it. The best toys are tuggers, tennis balls and hard chew toys that cannot be ripped apart.

Find the right dog for you
When looking for that new family member please remember to really think about the things you and your family want and need in a pet that fits the family lifestyle. Get to know your breeds! Some breeds require more space, exercise and circumstances than others. Even if you are going to adopt a mixed breed, look into what it's primary breed needs in a home, environment and exercise. Your new family member needs to be wanted by everyone in the family and included in your daily lives to be truly happy. Click here for more information on how to find the right dog.

Changes to Dog Tethering Law
From July 1, 2020, there are changes to dog tethering laws across the state of Virginia.

The legislation expanded the definition of 'adequate shelter' for family dogs. It is illegal to leave tethered dogs outside when temperatures are below 32°F or above 85°F or when the weather service issues warnings for hurricanes, tornadoes and other severe weather.

The legislation also increases the minimum length of a tether from 10 feet to 15 feet.

Additionally, dogs must be provided adequate shelter during hot weather that is properly shaded and does not readily conduct heat. During cold weather, the shelter must have a windbreak at its entrance and provide bedding material (such as straw, cedar shavings, or similar) that is sufficient to protect the animal from cold and promote the retention of body heat.

Adequate Shelter Virgina Code 3.2-6500
Click here for more information

Keep your dog in the family

Visiting Surry County Animal Shelter
Please phone us on (757) 294-0158 to check that the dog you want to visit is still available.
Location Map of Elberon, VA

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